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Zeal Optics Z3 GPS Snowboarding Goggles

Some of the team members at Powderheadz.com are serious gamers just as much as they are serious snowboarders. Now there’s a way you can combine the two, with the best GPS snowboard goggles – the Zeal Optics Z3 GPS Live. When we finally got a hold of one these, we were pretty excited and we each had a blast trying to top the other person with ‘high scores’ and record times and speeds. Wearing these goggles while riding was like we were inside a video game or a high-tech spy movie.

Here are just some of the things you can keep track of:  Speed |  Location | Stopwatch/Time | Temperature | Altitude | Vertical/Horizontal Distance | Air time


Best UseDownhill skiing, Snowboarding
UV protection100 percent
Light transmission18 – 43 percent
Lens tintBlack
Lens shapeSpherical
Helmet compatibleYes
GPS trackingYes

Best GPS Snowboarding Goggles | Powderheadz.com


Built with the highest quality materials available, these goggles have increased protection and fit.  The strap is made with heavy duty stitching and a double beading layer of silicon to ensure that the goggles won’t slip or shift off your helmet while you ride.


These goggles have vents with a passive airflow system that allows cool air in and moves moist, warm air out, reducing the potential for fogging.


Strong yet lightweight and flexible, the Z3 GPS Live goggles provide comfort during long days on the mountain.  The triple-density foam molds to your face and helps wicks away sweat and the dual straps give you a high level of adjustability in finding the perfect position for your ideal goggle placement.

Lens Quality

The Sheperical Lens offers a wide range of vision and optical quality while its photochromic technology has the ability to change from dark to light depending on available light, offering 18 to 43% VLT (visible light transmission).  The Lens also offers 100% UV Protection with e-Ilume’s enhanced filters that protect the eyes from UVA/B/C light and anti-fog treatment is infused on the interior side of the lens so it will never rub off.

Best HUD Snowboarding Goggles | Powderheadz.com

The Zeal Optics Z3 GPS Live Snowboarding goggles is a beast.  To understand the beast, you have to first look at what’s under the hood, and that’s the Recon SNOW2 Heads-up Display Module:

Recon Snow2 Heads-up Display
The future of snowboarding in the corner of your eye.


Ultra Compact HD Display with High contrast and brightness settings for use in strong ambient light.
WIFI | Bluetooth 4.0 (Classic & BLE) Connectivity.
1 GHz Dual-Core Chip Processor with amazing capability
Onboard Sensors:  GPS | Altimeter | Barometer | Accelerometer | Magnetometer | Gyrometer
Rechargeable Lithium ion Battery with 6 hours of battery life per charge.
Shock | Water | Low-Temp Reistance

Recon Snow2 Performance


Snow2‘s onboard GPS and multiple sensors help track every run, turn, and jump with pinpoint accuracy.  The data is delivered straight to its ingenious prism display located just below the right eye.

Recon Snow2 Speed Icon  Speed

Speed is calculated by GPS and barometric pressure data, leaving out any guesswork on how fast you’re going.

Recon Snow2 Vertical Drop Icon Vertical Drop

Get bragging rights with the ability to know how high that jump you took really is.

Recon Snow2 Distance Icon  Distance

Know how far you’ve ridden all day and go harder the next day.

Recon Snow2 Altitude Icon  Altitude

See how high you are before you drop in your line.  Track your highest peaks throughout the season.

Recon Snow2 Navigation and Tracking

Navigation and Tracking

The Recon Snow2 has over 600 pre-loaded ski resort maps to help guide you on the mountains around the world with resort-specific locations such as lodges, lifts, and trails.  You can also keep tabs on your friends with the Recon Engage mobile app which details your riding buddies’ locations at the resort.

Recon Snow2 Maps Icon Maps

Never get lost and find your way around new trails and new ski resorts.

Recon Snow2 Compass Icon  Compass

Stay oriented when travelling off the beaten path.  Useful when you’re exploring the backcountry.

Recon Snow2 Friend Tracker Icon  Friend Tracking

Have your friends download Recon’s Engage app, which allows you to find them instantly through your HUD.

Recon Snow2 Smartphone Connectivity

Smartphone Connectivity

Snow2 connects to your iPhone or Android Smartphone seamlessly through a Bluetooth Connection.  Change your music with an included remote or view phone calls and texts without ever having to take out your phone.

Recon Snow2 Sharing Icon  Sharing

Share your biggest jumps and your fastest runs as they happen through instant sharing to Facebook.


Recon Snow2 Music Icon Music

Have full control over your music in your phone’s library or any popular music streaming app.


Recon Snow2 Phone Icon  Phone

View Caller ID on your HUD to either answer or ignore calls while you’re racing down the mountain.

Recon Snow2 Text Messaging Icon  Text Messages

Keep your phone inside your jacket or pants and view text messages as you receive them.

Recon Snow2 Bluetooth Remote

Bluetooth Remote

Water-proof, outside the jacket remote lets you operate your Zeal Z3 GPS Live HUD without you ever having to remove your gloves.

Recon Snow2 Smartphone Connectivity

Smartphone Connectivity

Powderheadz Rating


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Final Thoughts:

It’s a lot of fun to have a real-time response to how fast you are riding and how high you are jumping.  You’ll find yourself pushing yourself to get that extra air or beat your personal record, which can be a fun, rewarding experience.  If cost isn’t an issue, we recommend you to buy these goggles.


  • Awesome Wearable Technology features gives you a wealth of trackable knowledge
  • Photochromic lenses adjust to various lighting conditions, negating the need to carry spares.
  • Sturdy but flexible frame construction and Permashield Hardcoat prevents scuffs and scratches.


  • Expensive Cost can be prohibitive to some.
  • 6-8 Hours of Battery life usually requires a charge at the end of the day.
  • Can cause you to push your boundaries too much.

GPS Snowboard Goggles | Powderheadz.com

GPS Snowboard Goggles | Powderheadz.com