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The Team was contacted recently on trying out a novel idea: Strapins. Strapins are basically velcro-belts for your snowboard boots. But the simplicity of that description does not do its actual effectiveness justice. Strapins easily improve the control and response of your snowboard boots, regardless of their condition. You’re able to tighten your boots at desired locations provide support with a much more even distribution. They’re also perfect band-aids for an older boot that just happens to break on you at the worst time – in the middle of an epic powder day.

Strapins - Feel the Difference

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How to Use


  1. Tie up/twist your Boa laces on your boots as normal.
  2. On each boot, place one strap above the ankle and tighten up firmly. 
  3. Feel Free to experiment where to place the straps as everyone rides differently. You may seek more control than other riders. For instance, while Powder riding, sometimes 2 straps above the ankle on your rear boot and none on your front foot can be effective as you are constantly boarding off your back foot.
  4. For even more control and better feedback while carving, place another strapin towards the top of each snowboard boat (the area above your BOAs or at the top of your laces and tighten firmly.
  5. For broken snowboard boots or heel straps, use 2 straps as described above and ensure your other undamaged boot is of similar tightness.
  6. Once strapins are in place they will never loosen, won’t cut off your circulation and will ensure you get the best control imaginable in a snowboard boot, regardless of how old or new they are.

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I was skeptical at first, but after giving them a go, I was hooked. I have wide feet, skinny ankles, and thick calves, so I get pressure points everywhere on my boots. Adding these Strapins to my snowboards boots definitely alleviate the pressure and I feel like i gain more control when I ride.

I ride in the Backcountry and I need any tiny edge I can get. I ride with four Strapins (two on each foot) so I can get a much better response when I'm riding.

I've got a pair of older boots that I love that I'm not quite ready to get rid of. They're boot-packed and definitely a little loose, but the Strapins help fix that until I'm ready to buy a new pair.

Definitely noticed a difference as soon as I used it. I swear by them now.

How Many Should You Buy?

Here at we think 4 is the optimal number. That’s two per snowboard boot, with one right over the ankle and the other at the top of the boot, usually over the boa or where you tie up your laces. Luckily the people at sell them in pairs of two. If you buy a second pair, you’ll get it for half-priced also get free shipping worldwide. Head over and see what they’re all about.

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