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Best Ski Socks and Best Snowboard Socks for 2018-2019

The Best Ski Socks should get the basics right. They should be comfortable and keep your feet dry and warm. They also shouldn’t irritate you as the day goes on or smell after a couple days of consecutive use. If by the end of the day your feet are cold, wet, and achy, you are definitely using the wrong type of sock. Prevent a miserable day on the mountain with a cheap investment towards your riding.  It’s incredibly easy to avoid hurting feet from a long day of riding by purchasing the Best Ski Socks.

Down below you’ll see what we consider are the Best Ski Socks available online.

Happy Riding!

Best Ski Socks |

Our Top Rated Ski Socks

1. Smartwool Men’s PhD Ski Medium Socks

Smartwool Men's PhD Ski Medium Socks

  • Material:  Merino Wool (65%) | Nylon (33%) | Elastane (2%) | Imported Yarn

  • Length:  14 inches

  • Weight:  3.36 ounces

  • Care:  Machine Wash Warm Gentle Cycle | Do Not Bleach | Tumble Dry Low | Do Not Iron | Do Not Dry Clean

Made primarily of Merino Wool, Smartwool PhD Ski Medium Socks would be considered the best of the best when it comes to ski socks.  Merino wool is a natural fiber that comes from sheep from New Zealand.   The Nylon and Elastane are added to the material to give some elasticity to the sock.  Called the 4-degree Elite Fit System, the ski sock uses 2 elastics for high stretch-ability and recovery ability.

These socks have mesh ventilation areas as well as small air pockets that keep good air flow.  This also allows the socks to wick sweat easily and the Merino wool has a natural antibacterial compound that helps prevent odors.  You can wear these socks for a few days without washing them without the worry of stinking up the place.  That’s why we think that the Smartwool PhD Ski Medium Socks is one of the Best Ski Socks available.

Powderheadz Rating

5 out of 5 stars

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2. Icebreaker Ski+ Lite Socks

  • Material:  Merino Wool (75%) | Nylon (18%) | Lycra (7%)

  • Length:  16.5 inches

  • Weight:  3.20 ounces

  • Care:  Machine Wash | Tumble Dry on Low, Inside-out

Similar to the Smartwool Men’s PhD Ski Medium Socks, these socks are made primarily of Merino Wool with a bit of Nylon and Lycra. Since it has a higher percentage of Merino Wool, the Icebreaker Ski+ Lite Socks are able to keep you very warm despite its thin material.  Even if they end up getting wet, the socks were still able to main a high level of heat compared to other socks. They are also able to wick sweat and moisture much faster and remain drier much longer.

The only drawback is that durability is an issue.  These socks tend to thin out in high friction areas. You will eventually start to notice that they tend to lose comfort over time.

Powderheadz Rating

4.5 out of 5 stars

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3. Wigwam Snow Sirocco Ski Socks

  • Material:  Merino Wool (42%) | Stretch Nylon (24%) | Polypropylene (21%) | Stretch Polyester (7%) | Olefin (5%) | Spandex (1%)

  • Length:  14 inches

  • Weight:  3.06 ounces

  • Care: Machine Wash Warm | Tumble Dry on Low, Inside-out | Do Not Bleach

Wigwam Snow Sirocco Ski Socks is a combination of natural Merino wool fibers mixed with synthetic materials. These are a decent pair of inexpensive, long-lasting socks that will keep you warm for a long time (as long as they remain dry). This mid-range sock won’t keep you as warm as the Smartwool Men’s PhD Ski Medium Socks or wick as well as the Icebreaker Ski+ Lite Socks, but they will last longer than both. These durable socks held their shape much longer than the other two and will rarely have to be replaced. Wigwam socks also have excellent ventilation air pockets similar to the Smartwool socks and also won’t stink after several days or usage.

Powderheadz Rating

3.5 out of 5 stars

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4. Darn Tough Over-the-Calf Ultralight Ski Socks

  • Material: Merino Wool (64%) | Nylon (33%) | Lycra (2%)

  • Length: 14 inches

  • Weight: 2.97 ounces

  • Care: Machine Wash Warm Gentle Cycle | Tumble Dry on Low, Inside-out | Do Not Bleach

Another pair of socks with Merino Wool, Darn Tough Over-the-Calf Ultralight Ski Socks challenges the high-performance Smartwool Men’s PhD Ski Medium Socks. Officially called “Darn Tough Merino Wool True Seamless Padded Over-the-Calf Ultra-Light Ski Sock”, these socks have everything you would need in pair of performance socks. The Merino Wool keeps you warm and wicks sweat. Having seamless stitches helps avoid irritation around the base of your foot. And the extra padding on the shin relieves pressure where your shin meets the ski/snowboard boot.

Powderheadz Rating

4.5 out of 5 stars

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5. Fox River Wilmot Ski Socks

  • Material:  Nylon (38%) | Merino Wool (30%) | Acrylic (30%) | Spandex (2%)

  • Length:  16.5 inches

  • Weight:  3.33 ounces

  • Care: Machine Wash Warm Gentle Cycle | Tumble Dry on Low, Inside-out | Do Not Bleach

Fox River Wilmot Ski Socks is known more for comfort than performance. These socks are perfect for more casual skiers and snowboarders.  The mostly synthetic sock is very durable and will hold up with rigorous use.  However, the synthetic materials will retain smell more than those socks that have more Merino wool in them. Consider purchasing these socks if you are a beginner on a budget.  If you’re more of a performance skier or rider, aim for any of the other socks on this list.

Powderheadz Rating

3.5 out of 5 stars

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Best Ski Socks |

And there you have it! Our current list for the Best Ski Socks of the 2018-2019 Season. There are literally hundreds of ski and snowboard gloves out there and finding the right one can be a challenge, so hopefully you agree with out choices. Do you think a certain pair of ski socks deserves a spot on our Top Rated Ski Gloves list? Let us know? Email us at info (at) and we will do our best to give it a thorough testing! Need more tips?  Look below for a thorough guide on how to determine which pair of ski socks is right for you. 

As always, happy riding!

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Best Snowboarding Socks |

How-To:  Buy the Best Ski Socks

As with all Ski and Snowboarding Equipment, technology for Ski Socks keeps getting better over time.  There is now a variety of socks available with different designs and materials to suit your needs. Socks are the cheapest way to improve your comfort level while riding.  By investing just a tiny bit of money towards a high quality sock, you can increase your enjoyment on the mountain by leaps and bounds. It’s little things like socks that can make the difference between a good day and a great day, especially if you ski or snowboard for 6+ hours in one sitting.

Knowing what kind of sock you need will help you get that little bit of edge the next time you ride.

And whatever you do, avoid cotton socks!

Sock Materials: 

Merino Wool – Merino Wool is an excellent, natural fiber that feels insanely soft and will help you keep warm and stay dry. The wool comes from an ancient breed of sheep that is able to live in the extreme conditions of New Zealand’s Southern Alps.  Merino Fleece is extremely breathable, insulating, soft, and lightweight.

Synthetic – The downside to Merino Wool is its lack of longevity and its high cost.  A more cost effective alternative is finding a good synthetic option or a blend between synthetic and Merino Wool.  Many synthetic socks are designed to have good moisture wicking properties and will last longer.  However, they tend to retain odor and will need to go through a wash more often than Merino Wool Socks.

Nylon – Usually a secondary fabric used with both Merino Wool and Synthetic materials.  Nylon gives socks a consistent shape and increases durability. It prevents socks from sagging or bunching up in your ski/snowboarding boot which can lead to a frustrating day on the mountain.

Compression – Compression socks are often made with a spandex type materials that has a much thinner and tighter fit than other socks.  The tight socks come from a performance mindset, where the compressed areas boost warmth by increasing blood flow.  These socks are often very expensive.


It’s important that your Ski Socks fit you properly.  Here are a few tips to help you figure out the right fit for your feet:

  1. Your socks should feel tight around your shin, ankle, and toes without being too restrictive.
  2. Look out for any excess material around your feet.  It can bunch up or pinch between you and the boot liner, causing hot spots or even blisters.
  3. Most ski socks come in a range of sizes.  If you’re between two sizes, always pick the smaller size.


Ultralight – Down insulation is perfect for very cold and dry conditions.  The material is often made with down feathers and plumules that traps air which keeps your hands insulated.  However, it loses its ability once it becomes wet and is very slow to dry.

Lightweight – Fleece isn’t quite as warm as most synthetics but it is the most comfortable.  It is often used in conjunction with other insulation like Primaloft®.

Midweight – Old school socks used to mostly be of the midweight variety. Technology has almost made them obsolete. The only benefit to consider is the extra padding on the sole of the foot that midweight socks offer.  Keep in mind, that a thicker sock doesn’t always mean a warmer foot. If you tighten your boot too much with these kinds of socks, you can cut off circulation and cause your feet to be colder than they should be.

Shin Padding:

Shin Padding is a nice luxury feature that some socks offer. It’s extra fabric thickness around the shin that offers some protection against the front of ski boot. Darn Tough Over-the-Calf Ultralight Ski Socks is a good example of an Ultralight Ski Sock that has good shin padding.

Best Ski and Snowboarding Socks |

This is our current list of Best Snowboarding and Ski Socks for the 2018-2019 Season. However, there are tons more of Snowboarding Socks out there and we will be updating this list often with the most current information. Think we missed a pair of Snowboarding or Ski Socks and that there’s one that deserves a spot on the Best Snowboarding Socks List? Let us know!  E-mail us at info (at)

As always, happy riding!

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