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Welcome to Powderheadz.comWe are a group of friends that have ridden throughout the years and decided to share our opinions on the best snowboarding gear available. Our experienced snowboarders and skiers collaborate online to provide accurate, hands-on snowboard and ski equipment reviews. We talk with fellow passionate snowboarders from around the world for their knowledgeable experience. And we want to help you make informed decisions next time you are looking for a new piece of gear! It’s our commitment to provide you non-biased points of view to help you invest in a set of snowboarding equipment. Experience level, budget, and equipment quality are taken into account in our detailed reviews from snowboarders allover the globe.

You will also find our Snowboarding blog filled with advice and adventure from our travels around the world. We hope you enjoy your time with us and check below to see what we’re all about!

Best Headlamps for Snowboarding and Skiing |

Best Ski and Best Snowboarding Gear Reviews is a great resource for snowboarders to share information.  Our team is always interested in trying out the latest and best snowboarding equipment whenever we get the chance. We love testing out new equipment we come across from entry level to advanced items from top brands like Burton, Oakley, and Giro.  Afterwards, we try to post an in-depth account of our experience.  It’s to help each other get the most of our time on the mountain.  Finding the right gear for your wants and needs can be a challenge.  It’s our goal to help point you in the right direction.  We have also created some quick buyers guides for those looking to compare multiple pieces of equipment, such as our extremely popular Top 10 Best Headlamps for 2017-2018.

Find out what we think are the best Ski and Snowboarding Goggles are HERE.  We are currently expanding our site to cover in depth reviews of Helmets, Gloves, Boots as well as Bindings. Be sure to check back soon!  Because we have no particular alliance with any of the major brands you can count on an honest review from real snowboarders and skiers volunteering their time and experience for fellow Snowboarding enthusiasts.  Invest in the best snowboarding equipment and it can last you a lifetime of adventure exploring the mountains this world has to offer.

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Best Skiing and Best Snowboarding Gear Reviews |

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Best Skiing and Best Snowboarding Gear Reviews |

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In our Snowboarding Blog section you will find a ton of handy articles on hot topics such as snowboarding tips, in-depth equipment reviews, the best snowboarding locations like Whistler-Blackcomb, Tremblant, and Squaw Valley as well as thrilling travel blogs from some of our outgoing snowboarding team once they return from around the world.  We hope to inspire and excite you to get out there and snowboard or explore the best tracks this world has to offer.  We accept submissions from skiers and snowboarders around the globe and if you are interested in contributing send us an email and we can make it happen!  Blog (at)

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A big thank you goes out to the dedicated snowboarders and skiers who contribute to keep this site running smoothly.  We appreciate those who offer their professional reviews and opinions on all the coolest snowboarding and skiing gear out there.  And we’d like to also thank the tight knit community around the planet who love this sport like we do.  It always make finding a new person to ride with easy and fun wherever your travels might take you.  See you on the mountain!

Best Skiing and Best Snowboarding Gear Reviews |